15 Jul

Access to USA markets for businessmen, business owners and investors after obtaining a USA Business Visa. Many of our clients are Pakistani business owners, investors and executives who want access to the US market. We help our clients with their plans to grow their existing business in the United States and establish new businesses in the United States. 

Why choose to do business in the United States?

 USA Business Visa through Dream international Consultancy, a USA business visa consultant based in Lahore, is a nonimmigrant visa and applies to those who wish to travel to the United States for a short visit for business purposes. Our USA Business Consultancy Services in Lahore helps you to travel to USA for all business related purposes like meetings, conferences, market study etc.                                        Dream international are USA Business Visa Consultants who help you plan your entire trip so that your trip to USA is easy. Once you get a visa, you will be eligible to enter the country at any time during the visa period. We are a USA Business Immigration Consultant in Pakistan who helps you grow your business in the United States. 

Can my spouse and dependents work in the United States?

Your spouse's or children's ability to work in the United States depends on the type of visa you obtain and the specific facts of your case. The table below outlines a general position regarding a previous spouse but is not intended to provide specific legal advice.

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